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Building Systems Commissioning
Commissioning is a process which confirms that the building systems perform according to the contract documents, design intent and the building occupant or owners requirements. The process is a systematic approach, using a set of functional tests and calibration exercises on the systems and their subcomponents.

There is increasing awareness about the value of commissioning. In addition to the system performance, the process can result in improved energy efficiency, indoor air quality and occupant comfort. It is generally recognized that commissioning can improve energy efficiency by 5 to 10%.

LEED™ encourages the use of an independent Commissioning Authority as an objective advocate of the owner. This authority is not responsible for the design or inspection services related to the system. The Commissioning Authority provides input early in the design process to introduce standards and strategies required for implementation in the project.

Final payments for construction are linked to the documented system performance in commissioned projects, providing incentive for smooth building start-up. Ensuring proper systems operation on a continual basis will reduce operational costs resulting from maintenance & repairs. Commissioning maximizes the energy efficiency of the HVAC; thereby mitigating environmental impact of the building.