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Energy Management and Auditing
In any facility, the cost of energy should be considered a manageable expense, rather than a fixed cost. Superior energy management is good business. Recent research suggests that those that implement effective energy management are able to achieve superior financial performance. Whether your business is commercial, industrial, or institutional, energy is part of your value chain and managing it strengthens your bottom line.

In order to manage, control or effectively assess the value of any energy efficiencies, the first order of business is to establish a "Baseline". The baseline provides the status quo from which energy efficiency improvements are measured. Measuring any improvement requires a quantified starting point.

Energy auditing provides a system by system analysis of energy use. Fans, chillers, boilers, air handlers, lighting, etc can be assessed to determine what portion of the energy portfolio they occupy. Overall, the facility can be compared to similar facilities using Building Performance Indexing. How does your building's energy use stack-up against comparable buildings in the same climate?

The follow-up phase in this process is the evaluation of the efficiency of the various equipment and systems operations. Are they systems being operated at their expected performance levels? Is the equipment operations schedule appropriate?

The final phase is identifying the efficiency improvements. These often include operational scheduling, maintenance and capital investments. All of which carry a varying degree of investment and schedule of returns.

We recommend investing in a comprehensive energy audit to maximize the effectiveness of your energy management strategy.