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Building Energy Modeling
The concept of energy performance is of great concern to building owners because of the associated operational costs. Energy performance evaluation has become an essential component to building design for new construction and retrofits to project energy use by the building.

Energy performance simulation is the only means available to compare energy performance of alternate building design schemes in an integrated manner. This process provides a very effective decision making tool for test building envelope, windows, HVAC and lighting alternatives during the design phase.

Furthermore, energy performance simulation provides a comparative analysis of the high performance building against a conventional code building. This analysis answers questions about the effectiveness of the higher performance strategies in a cost-benefit analysis.

Energy performance simulation programs, such as EE4 are useful in all energy analysis exercises. LEED™ requires energy modeling to demonstrate the thermal properties of the building and the effectiveness of the HVAC and lighting schemes.

Arborus currently provides Technical Assistance for energy simulations required for the ecoENERGY New Buildings program (formerly Commercial Building Incentive Program - CBIP) under a Standing Offer Agreement with Natural Resources Canada. Arborus provides energy modeling using a variety of simulation tools such as eQuest, DOE2 and ESP-r and is a specialist with the EE4 and HQ-PEP energy simulation software. Since 2005, Arborus has provided assistance to over 150 energy models.

Energy performance simulation is an essential tool in the process to design a high performance building. Arborus Consulting can provide the energy simulation and administer the ecoENERGY and LEED™ processes. We have the experience to make this opportunity a success.