About Us


Performance Engineering for Sustainable Development & Operations. 

Projects can reduce their reliance on fossil fuels for Greenhouse Gas reduction and exposure to volatile energy costs.  Arborus will analyze, design, commission and manage the implementation of your strategies for low carbon energy systems.

Arborus brings over 30-years of design engineering, energy analysis and development consulting for high performance buildings and a renewable energy portfolio exceeding 100MW.

We have a mix of knowledge-based research & analysis with application engineering, covering both supply and demand of energy.   We have developed strategies to significantly reduce greenhouse gases in energy supply and consumption.

Our energy modeling portfolio includes over 700 energy simulations, verification and technical assistance deliveries.  We work with National Research Council and Natural Resources Canada in the advancement of building energy codes and have built a library of modeled technologies and strategies with quantified performance. 

Arborus has assessed, designed, installed and verified over 100MW of renewable energy projects, including PV, solar thermal (water & air), small wind and biogas.  We have direct experience working on the development of utility-scale solar.

Arborus Consulting is a knowledge-based engineering consultancy delivering research, analysis and education as a compliment to the other side of our business; applications engineering.  Our broad proficiency in matters related to energy and buildings is demonstrated by the work we have done.