Existing Buildings


Existing Buildings

Energy savings are available for all buildings.  From simple control improvements to deep energy retrofits, energy savings and life cycle improvements deliver financial benefits and save greenhouse gases.  Applying an integrated staged approach, building loads can be systematically reduced, resulting in smaller “right-sized” heating and cooling systems.  The economics of energy retrofits are greatly improved when the integrated process is applied.

Our team of seasoned engineers have audited over 1million square feet of building area and engineered performance improvements for over twenty years.  Our experience and knowledge in this field are well known.  Arborus wrote the series of Major Energy Retrofit Guides for Natural Resources Canada.

Deep Green Retrofits present the greatest opportunity to optimize an existing building’s performance through an integrated, staged process of load reduction yielding smaller, more efficient heating & cooling systems.

Arborus designs building performance upgrades, including energy, indoor air quality, technology replacement, controls & automation and integrated renewable energy systems.

Our Service Offerings

  • Energy Auditing & Benchmarking
  • System Performance Analysis & Trouble shooting
  • Retro-commissioning
  • Standard Operating Procedures for high performance
  • Design engineering & commissioning for system upgrades & Building Automation Controls
  • Integration of renewable energy
  • Measurement & Verification of energy conservation measures
  • Incentive program navigation